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Shock: Nevada Judge Blocks Trump Ballot Eligibility Challenge

Fox News recently covered the ongoing election battle, spotlighting the Trump campaign’s legal struggles on ‘Special Report,’ where anchor Shannon Bream provided updates. The latest development involved a Nevada federal judge, Gloria M. Navarro, appointed by former President Obama, dismissing a case challenging former President Trump’s eligibility to run in 2024. The case, brought by GOP challenger John Anthony Castro in Nevada, was dismissed on the grounds of lack of standing.

Judge Navarro’s order emphasized that Castro lacked standing, asserting that the court didn’t possess jurisdiction to hear the case due to Castro’s failure to demonstrate a specific, concrete injury caused by Trump’s conduct that could be redressed by a favorable decision. She highlighted the requirement for plaintiffs to exhibit a particularized, actual or imminent injury caused by the defendant’s challenged actions, emphasizing that invoking federal court jurisdiction can’t be based on a ‘general interest common to all members of the public.’

The judge underscored that five courts had previously rejected Castro’s argument based on political competitor standing. Navarro emphasized that Castro’s standing was improperly manufactured to file the lawsuit, referencing evidence indicating that Castro created his injury to challenge Trump’s eligibility, citing his declaration as a candidate and payment of the filing fee as actions aimed at challenging Trump’s presidency.

Moreover, the judge clarified that Trump and Castro were not competing on the same ballot in Nevada, further dismantling Castro’s argument. She pointed out how Castro intended to participate in the Nevada Republican Presidential Preference Primary while Trump appeared on the caucus ballot, separate from the state-run Primary.

In the context of numerous lawsuits challenging Trump’s eligibility, citing the Fourteenth Amendment, following his removal from the ballot in Colorado by the state’s Supreme Court and the ban from Maine’s Democratic secretary of state, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review Trump’s challenge to the Colorado ruling and is slated to commence hearings in February.

Responding to the Nevada lawsuit’s dismissal, Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung celebrated the victory, labeling the attempt a “bogus, bad-faith” effort to deprive Americans, particularly Nevada voters, of their right to vote for their preferred candidate. Cheung reiterated that courts in eleven states had dismissed similar cases and accused these challenges of being attempts to “steal the election for Crooked Joe Biden” and disenfranchise millions of American voters.

Cheung reaffirmed Trump’s commitment to contesting these challenges, emphasizing Trump’s status as a leading candidate for both the Republican primary and the general election, and promising to continue the fight to “Make America Great Again.”

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