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Shocker: Biden Loses Support Among Black, Hispanic, Young Voters

In the lead-up to the 2024 election, President Joe Biden faces a concerning trend of diminished support among key sectors of the Democratic base, according to a recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll. The survey revealed a notable shift in preferences among black, Hispanic, and young voters, traditionally pivotal demographics for the Democratic Party.

A striking revelation from the poll showed that approximately one in five black voters expressed willingness to back a third-party candidate in the upcoming 2024 election cycle. Furthermore, Biden’s support among Hispanic and young voters, two groups that notably favored him in the 2020 election, has now dwindled, trailing behind former President Donald Trump by margins of 39-34 percent and 37-33 percent, respectively.

Donald Trump, the presumed Republican nominee, has made strides among these voter segments, securing the backing of 12 percent of black voters—consistent with his 2020 figures. This shift in voter sentiment is a crucial development, especially considering the historical significance of these demographic groups in supporting Democratic candidates in past elections.

The survey, conducted among 1,000 likely voters through phone calls, underlined a glaring enthusiasm gap between supporters of Trump and Biden. Notably, 44 percent of Trump supporters registered themselves as highly enthusiastic about their candidate, while only 18 percent of Biden supporters expressed similar fervor. Many Trump supporters cited their confidence in his integrity, contrasting it with what they perceive as undue focus on Trump by Biden and the Democrats despite his current inactive political status.

Moreover, Vice President Kamala Harris, despite her historical role as the first woman vice president, has encountered lower approval ratings compared to Biden among black voters (56 percent for Harris versus 68 percent for Biden) and young voters (27 percent for Harris compared to 32 percent for Biden). Some voters, like Sara Falls, a high school English teacher from Oakland, California, expressed uncertainty about Harris’s responsibilities and accomplishments, seeking clarity on her role and contributions.

These shifts in voter sentiment indicate a significant challenge for the Biden administration and the Democratic Party, signaling potential hurdles in securing crucial support from historically loyal constituencies in the upcoming electoral contest.

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