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Shocking Confession: DOJ Finally Admits Deceptive Handling of Hunter’s Laptop

Four years have passed since the FBI and DOJ first obtained a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which allegedly contains evidence of impeachable offenses and questionable international dealings by the Biden family. The “Justice” Department recently acknowledged the authenticity of the laptop’s contents, a revelation disclosed in a filing on Tuesday. The laptop was handed over to the FBI in December 2019, marking over four years of official awareness regarding its contents.

The FBI, having possession of the laptop and presumably corroborating its information, engaged in an information operation against the American people. In June 2020, the FBI collaborated with the Aspen Institute to launch a pre-emptive campaign, labeling the laptop story as Russian disinformation. This operation aimed to manipulate public perception and media narrative before the 2020 election, convincing people that the laptop revelations were part of a Russian “hack-and-dump” operation.

This orchestrated effort led to social media censorship of the laptop story in the run-up to the 2020 election. Post-election polls indicated that around 17% of Americans would have reconsidered their vote had they known about the real nature of the laptop. The FBI’s intervention also led to the suppression of news outlets, including the New York Post, which broke the story, and other platforms like PJ Media.

The FBI’s information operation had severe consequences, branding concerned Americans as conspiracy theorists and undermining the credibility of President Trump and his allies. Loyalists like Secretary of State Tony Blinken and former Acting CIA Chief Mike Morrell exploited the false narrative to craft an open letter, alleging Russian disinformation and influencing a debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Marco Polo’s report on the Hunter Biden laptop identifies FBI agents, including Brian Auten and ASAC Timothy Thibault, as instrumental in running the information operation. Auten assessed the laptop as Russian disinformation, a claim that influenced the Justice Department. Thibault’s partisan actions led to the closure of investigations without valid reasons, according to whistleblower revelations.

The recent acknowledgment by the DOJ vindicates the New York Post reporter, who faced deliberate censorship by the FBI. Calls for accountability emphasize the need to purge political actors from the FBI and DOJ responsible for this information operation against the American people. The demand for justice echoes in the wake of revelations surrounding the January 6 events and the subsequent imprisonment of thousands of Americans.

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