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Shocking Poll: Majority Convinced Obama Pulls Strings for Biden

A significant majority of voters, including a majority of Democrats, are convinced that former President Barack Obama exerts a strong influence on President Joe Biden, steering much of the current administration’s liberal agenda. According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, a whopping 63% believe that Obama is actively “influencing” the Biden White House, where several former Obama administration staffers hold key positions. The perception of Obama pulling the strings remains strong, with 53% expressing this view, despite the former president’s limited visits to the Oval Office since Biden assumed office.

The survey sheds light on the prevalent belief that Biden’s presidency is essentially an extension of Obama’s third term, a claim that has circulated since Biden’s inauguration in 2021. Recent public comments from Obama and his team criticizing Biden’s reelection bid and urging him to take a more active role have fueled these perceptions. A significant portion of respondents, 37% strongly and 16% somewhat, agreed with the statement that Biden is not truly “running the show” at the White House and is, in fact, a puppet for a progressive left committee led by Obama.

When asked about the likelihood of former President Obama influencing the policies of the Biden administration, 40% said it was “very likely,” and 23% said it was “somewhat likely.” Notably, 56% of Democrats agreed with this notion, challenging the notion that only Republicans believe Biden serves as an agent for Obama. The survey not only portrays Biden as Obama’s puppet but also indicates that voters hold a more favorable view of Obama compared to the current president.

In Rasmussen’s ongoing survey of Biden’s favorability, the president is struggling with a 45% favorable rating and a 54% unfavorable rating. In contrast, the new survey reveals Obama enjoying a 52% favorable rating and 44% unfavorable, highlighting a preference for the former president over the current occupant of the White House. These findings underscore the perceived influence and popularity of Obama within the broader political landscape.

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