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Shocking Poll Results: Biden’s Popularity Plummets to Historic Lows

Oh, the mounting concern over poor old President Joe Biden and his potential bid for re-election in 2024. Even the left-wing voters are turning against him, citing the country’s economic challenges and his visible decline in cognitive abilities during his inconsequential first term. It seems nobody wants him to run again, and that’s saying something when Republicans and Democrats can actually agree on something for once.

According to a recent poll, Biden’s popularity has dipped below the past 13 presidents, dating all the way back to Truman. But don’t worry, his supporters have a convenient excuse. They blame his arrival during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic fallout that followed. Because, you know, everything is always someone else’s fault.

But let’s not forget the real issue here: Biden’s age. Both Republicans and Democrats can see that at 80 years old, he simply isn’t up to the challenges facing the United States. They’re not buying the White House physician’s declaration that he’s “fit for duty.” It’s pretty clear to everyone that his cognitive decline is terrifying to watch.

And here’s the kicker: even Democrats are admitting they only voted for Biden because he wasn’t Trump. He wasn’t their preferred candidate, but hey, anyone is better than Trump, right? It’s not like they actually wanted Biden in office. So much for inspiring leadership.

The concerns about Biden’s age and mental faculties are not unfounded. A majority of voters, including 48 percent of Democrats, believe he’s too old for a second term. They don’t have much faith in Vice President Kamala Harris either. Only 35 percent think she’s qualified to step in if needed. But hey, let’s compare this to Trump. Despite being just three years apart in age, only 42 percent had the same concerns about his re-election bid. It’s almost like there’s a double standard at play.

The dissatisfaction with Biden goes beyond his age. Many left-wing voters are frustrated with his policies, particularly his handling of the economy and the rising inflation. They’re feeling the pinch of higher prices for everyday necessities, and they’re not seeing the results they were promised. It’s all just empty rhetoric and broken promises.

And let’s not forget his weak stance on China and his mishandling of the immigration issue. But hey, at least he’s not Trump, right? It’s just business as usual with Biden, and that’s the problem. People wanted something new, something different. But instead, they got another bland politician who’s good at not getting in anyone’s way.

So, as the 2024 election approaches, many left-wing voters are left feeling stuck with the “best worst option” of candidates. They’re considering voting independent this time, even though they see it as a “throw-away” vote. It’s clear that Biden’s presidency has been a disappointment, and the shine of his predecessors like Obama is long gone. It’s back to “business as usual,” and that’s why Trump was elected in the first place. People were tired of the same old song and dance.

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