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Shocking Reason for DOJ Delay on Hunter Biden Charges!

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley has shed light on the Department of Justice’s decision regarding Hunter Biden’s potential charges. Shapley disclosed that the Justice Department possessed enough evidence to decide whether to charge Hunter Biden but chose to delay any action until after the 2022 midterm elections. According to Shapley’s notes from a September 2022 meeting, the consensus among officials was not to proceed with charges before the elections to avoid damaging the Democratic Party’s prospects.

The exact meaning of “shoot themselves in the foot” in the context of the decision remains unclear, but it implies that the Justice Department wanted to avoid any actions that could have a negative impact on the Democrats’ electoral chances. Shapley made several objections to this decision through emails and meetings, along with fellow whistleblower IRS Special Agent Joseph Ziegler. However, both whistleblowers were abruptly removed from the case in May 2023 at the request of the Delaware US Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice.

This revelation raises concerns about political bias within the Department of Justice, as it appears that the decision to delay charges against Hunter Biden was influenced by political considerations. The Justice Department’s reluctance to act before the 2022 elections resulted in the collapse of a plea deal offered to Hunter Biden. The subsequent appointment of a special counsel, David Weiss, has further fueled suspicions of political interference in the case. Weiss, who was involved in the aborted plea deal and allowed some tax charges against Hunter Biden to expire under the statute of limitations, is now immune to testimony solicitation by House Republicans.

In essence, it seems that the Department of Justice prioritized political considerations over its duty to impartially uphold the law, raising questions about the integrity of the institution and its commitment to justice.

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