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Shocking Revelation: Biden Crime Family’s Foreign Payment Scheme

According to House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.), allegations have emerged suggesting that the Biden family established more than 20 shell companies to launder millions of dollars received from foreign entities. The Republicans on the House Oversight Committee reportedly examined Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) from the Treasury, issued subpoenas to banks and individuals, and uncovered evidence of the Biden family’s involvement in setting up these entities to handle payments.

Comer shared his findings on Twitter and later discussed the matter in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business. He expressed his belief that the Biden family has not paid taxes on the substantial sums received from foreign adversaries and questioned how these funds were reported on their tax returns. The Republicans on the committee plan to question business associates of the Biden family in the coming weeks and months to gain a deeper understanding of their international business dealings.

Bartiromo raised the question of whether specific policy decisions made by President Joe Biden were linked to financial gain. She cited the cancellation of the Trump-era China Initiative as an example and asked if Biden was paid for that decision. Comer highlighted the involvement of the president of the University of Pennsylvania, who advocated for the policy change, coinciding with significant anonymous Chinese donations to the university.

As the investigation progresses, Comer stated that the committee now possesses enough bank records to ask specific questions to IRS employees and depose individuals involved in the transactions. He emphasized the importance of understanding the triggers for wire transfers from countries such as China and Romania and why the funds were funneled through shell companies instead of being sent directly to the Bidens. Comer expressed his commitment to bringing forth the truth for the American public to see.

In the conservative perspective, these allegations against the Biden family raise concerns about potential financial improprieties and the need for transparency. The investigation aims to uncover the details behind the establishment of shell companies and shed light on the motivations and financial dealings of the family. By examining the records and conducting depositions, the committee intends to hold those involved accountable and provide answers to the American people.

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