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Shocking Testimony: Biden’s Real Quid Pro Quo Exposed

Devon Archer’s recent testimony before Congress has the potential to challenge the narrative about corruption in Ukraine that was solidified during the impeachment case against former President Trump in 2019. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, speaking to Just the News, revealed that Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, disclosed in a closed-door session that Hunter was pressured in December 2015 to take action regarding Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma.

During the same period, Joe Biden, then the Vice President, was instrumental in getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired. Archer further claimed that Burisma would not have survived without the influence of the Biden family. Comer expressed his disbelief at these revelations, stating that the evidence was mounting against Joe Biden, contrary to his claims of having no knowledge of these dealings.

Comer emphasized that Biden’s involvement in firing the prosecutor was to protect his son, as the investigation was closing in on Hunter. He argued that Biden’s actions were unprecedented, questioning when in American history a Vice President had ever actively intervened in a foreign country to demand a prosecutor’s removal. Comer contended that the evidence suggested a real quid pro quo regarding Ukraine and Burisma was carried out by Joe Biden.

While Biden denied discussing foreign business dealings with his son during the 2020 campaign, Archer’s testimony revealed otherwise. He stated that Biden, while Vice President, had been on the phone approximately 20 times with individuals associated with Hunter’s business interests.

Comer highlighted these phone conversations as evidence of “influence peddling,” suggesting that access to Joe was being sold. He asserted that the Bidens had a long history of selling access to Joe, and this raised concerns about a potentially compromised President. Comer also mentioned that Joe Biden had met with a Russian oligarch, a fact previously unknown, and that the oligarch was the only one not sanctioned by Joe Biden.

These revelations, coupled with Biden’s public admission of firing the prosecutor while serving as Vice President, demonstrated decisions that prioritized the interests of the Biden family over those of the American people. Comer expressed the need for further investigation into Joe Biden, as his family’s actions could compromise the integrity of the President’s office and put American interests at risk.

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