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SHOCKING: Top Democrat Reveals Massive Opposition to Biden!

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) said in an interview this week that literally hundreds of Democrat U.S. lawmakers are apprehensive about President Joe Biden being the party’s nominee heading into the 2024 presidential race, but that they are too afraid to say anything.

Phillips’ remarks come after multiple polls have found that Democrat voters do not want Biden to be the party’s nominee again for a variety of reasons, including unfavorable economic conditions, skyrocketing inflation rates, disastrous foreign policy decisions, and the general view among some that he is too old and not mentally fit for office.

“This is not a knock on Joe Biden, just a wish for competition,” Phillips told The Atlantic. “In the business world, if the dominant brand in a category had favorability ratings like the current president does, you would see a number of established brands jump into that category. Believe me, there are literally hundreds in Congress who would say the same thing. But they simply won’t f***ing say a word.” Read more…

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