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Shocking Truth Revealed: Border Crisis Exceeds Worst Predictions

The border crisis is emerging as a paramount concern, transcending mere immigration issues and posing significant challenges to national security. The far-reaching consequences of the border situation are straining the social safety net, leading to increased crime, and sparking frustration among citizens, particularly in border states. Despite its multifaceted implications, the mainstream media seems reluctant to cover the crisis as a pressing national security problem, leaving conservative outlets to address the alarming developments.

Recent reports shed light on the escalating influx of military-age Chinese men illegally crossing the border, a trend that poses a substantial national security risk. With over 24,000 illegal aliens from China encountered in Fiscal Year 2023 and a continuing surge in FY 2024, concerns are mounting regarding the potential threats posed by these migrants, especially given their military-age demographic.

Conservative writers emphasize the porous nature of the border, highlighting the alarming fact that individuals on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database have been apprehended at the border. The dismantling of Title 42, a policy that previously contributed to border security, has raised further concerns about potential security risks. The conservative perspective argues that the open border provides opportunities for terrorists and other hostile elements to infiltrate the country, putting national security at risk.

There is a growing call for viewing the border situation through the lens of national security, as the Biden administration faces criticism for downplaying the severity of the issue. Conservatives express apprehension about the possibility of illegal immigrants, potentially harboring malicious intentions, committing acts of terrorism or sabotaging national infrastructure. The argument is underscored by the belief that the administration’s lackadaisical approach to border security may inadvertently encourage such activities.

As states take matters into their own hands, particularly in border states like Texas, clashes with federal directives become inevitable. The Supreme Court’s ruling against Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s use of razor wire highlights the complex legal battles that arise when states attempt to address border security independently. Efforts by the left to federalize the Texas National Guard further intensify the constitutional debate, raising questions about the balance of power and potential violations of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Conservative outlets, like PJ Media, pride themselves on reporting the truth and confronting issues that the mainstream media may downplay or ignore. They emphasize the importance of supporting media organizations committed to transparent reporting and challenging narratives that diverge from reality. In this context, PJ Media highlights the RAZOR Act, sponsored by Representative Mike Collins, which seeks to prevent federal interference in Texas’ border security efforts. The act represents a tangible step toward addressing the ongoing border crisis.

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