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Social Media Giants Brainwashing Our Children? Arkansas Fights Back

The state of Arkansas plans to file three lawsuits against TikTok and Meta in an effort to protect residents in the state, specifically children.

The lawsuits, according to Republican Gov. Sarah Sanders’ office, fall under Arkansas’ Deceptive Trade Practices Act, which makes it illegal for companies to engage in false or deceptive business practices.

“We have to hold Big Tech companies accountable for pushing addictive platforms on our kids and exposing them to a world of inappropriate, damaging content,” Sanders said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “Arkansas is leading the charge on filing three lawsuits against TikTok and Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram.”

“These actions are a long time coming. We have watched over the past decade as one social media company after another has exploited our kids for profit and escaped government oversight. My administration will not tolerate that failed status quo,” she added. Read more…

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