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Soros-Backed Candidate Flips Wisconsin Supreme Court

Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Judge Janet Protasiewicz soundly defeated conservative-backed candidate Dan Kelly on Tuesday in a race that was crucial for the ideological balance of the court.

Protasiewicz, who made no apologies about her support for abortion and other liberal policies, earned about 55.5% of the vote to Kelly’s 44.5%. Protasiewicz racked up huge margins in urban areas like Milwaukee and Madison while Kelly was unable to get the turnout he needed in more rural areas.

The race, which was one of the most expensive court races in history, will likely have major impacts on policies in the Badger State, including abortion, voter integrity measures, election maps, and guns. The state’s voter ID law could even be in jeopardy as a result of Tuesday’s election, as Left-wing challenges could prevail in court. Read more…

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