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State Senators Demand Action: Matt Walsh’s Campus Speech Triggers Outrage

A recent speaking engagement by Matt Walsh at New Mexico State University (NMSU) has triggered a response from two New Mexico state senators, Carrie Hamblen and William Soules, along with several other government officials. In a letter addressed to the NMSU Board of Regents interim president, the officials expressed their “extreme disappointment” over the university allowing Walsh to speak on campus during an event hosted by Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) in April.

The letter accuses Walsh of “encouraging violence” and making statements with “racist and pro-slavery rhetoric.” It also alleges that Walsh minimized accusations against known pedophiles and child abusers, although it does not provide specific examples or evidence to support these claims.

The officials express concerns about the emotional and psychological impact of such events on vulnerable members of the student population and request a conversation about the rationale for allowing such events, the support from the administration, and future policies or actions to prevent harm to students.

NMSU, as a public university, had no grounds to prevent Walsh from speaking on campus, given that he was invited by a student club that followed proper procedures for hosting the event.

The letter also references House Bill 207, which expands the application of the state’s Human Rights Act and adds definitions related to sex, gender, gender identity, disabilities, and sexual orientation. The officials argue that NMSU should have protected transgender and queer individuals in line with this legislation.

Jewel Navarette, the chairwoman of NMSU YAF, stated that conservative students will continue to advocate for their First Amendment rights and defend their right to free speech and expression on campus, emphasizing that public officials should not dictate which ideas can or cannot be expressed at NMSU.

The letter was signed by various state and local officials, including state Representative Angelica Rubio, Las Cruces Council Mayor Pro Tem Kasandra Gandara, Las Cruces City Councilors Becky Corran, Johana Bencomo, and Becki Graham, and Dona Ana County Commissioners Shannon Reynolds and Christopher Schaljo-Hernandez.

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