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Stunning Turn: Trump Surges Past Biden Among Men of Color!

In a surprising turn, a recent CNN poll revealed that former President Donald Trump holds a three-point lead over President Joe Biden among “men of color” voters. The data indicates that 49 percent of men of color support Trump, while 46 percent back Biden. This revelation, particularly regarding black men, showcases a notable shift from the 2020 election, where only 12 percent of eligible black men voted for Trump, compared to the 87 percent who supported Biden.

The contrast is also evident among Hispanic male voters, where 40 percent of eligible Hispanic men voted for Trump, while 57 percent supported Biden. CNN commentator Van Jones expressed his astonishment, stating that while black women have consistently leaned towards the Democrats, the support from black men for Trump is unexpected and stands out.

Overall, the poll indicates that black voters still favor Biden over Trump by a significant margin, with 73 percent supporting Biden and 23 percent supporting Trump. Among Latino voters, the split is narrower, with 50 percent favoring Biden and 46 percent favoring Trump. Women of color, according to the poll, show a strong preference for Biden, while men are evenly divided, with 49 percent supporting Trump and 46 percent supporting Biden.

The CNN survey, conducted from October 27 to November 2 with a 3.3 margin of error, adds to a series of negative polls for Biden. Another recent New York Times/Siena College poll highlighted a significant drop in Biden’s support among nonwhite voters compared to the 2020 election results, with only 72 percent of black voters and 47 percent of Hispanic voters supporting him.

As Axios reported, Biden’s performance among Hispanics in swing states is in single digits, a stark contrast to the typical Democratic advantage of 30+ points among this demographic. This decline among nonwhite voters marks a challenging position for Biden and the Democratic Party, resembling the decline seen in the last decade among black and Hispanic voters. The current situation has positioned Biden as facing the worst support among nonwhite voters since Walter Mondale in 1984.

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