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Ted Cruz Exposes Senate’s Shocking Advancement of 24 Radical Judges

“Stand up and say ‘no’ to these radicals.” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) slammed the Senate Judiciary Committee after the latter advanced 24 of Biden’s federal judgeship nominees Thursday.

Cruz highlighted how radical some of the nominees are in a statement to The Daily Signal. “The Biden Administration is attempting to cram through all their most partisan, controversial nominees at once—the proverbial ‘worst of the worst’—to shield them from focused public scrutiny,” Cruz said. “These people have no business being near the federal bench, let alone having life tenure.”

The Texas senator continued, “Instead of the White House sending experienced, apolitical lawyers and jurists, they instead send extremists like Nancy Abudu, Julie Rikelman, Kenly Kato, Natasha Merle, Dale Ho, and Nusrat Choudhury.” Cruz then appealed to Senate Democrats. “I ask that at least one Senate Democrat have the courage to stand up and say ‘no’ to these radicals, and demand centrist candidates from the White House, however that is likely asking too much from the modern Democrat Party.” Read more…

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