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Texas in Turmoil: Pressure Mounts for Probe of Immigrant Enclave Colony Ridge

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a prominent Republican figure, has announced his intention to urge Governor Greg Abbott to convene a special legislative session to address the pressing issues surrounding Colony Ridge, a vast housing development north of Houston, which has become a focal point for illegal immigration and alleged Mexican cartel activity. Patrick expressed deep concerns about the situation, emphasizing the dangers posed by entire communities of undocumented immigrants living without adequate law enforcement oversight.

The development, sprawling across roughly 60 square miles, has attracted undocumented immigrants with financing offers that do not require proof of citizenship. Patrick stressed the urgency of addressing these concerns, including inadequate law enforcement presence, limited access to basic amenities such as running water, and the potential for criminal activity to flourish within the community.

Texas Representative Chip Roy echoed these concerns, stating that he has received troubling information about Colony Ridge and is seeking further details from relevant authorities. Roy believes that this issue is a direct consequence of the Biden administration’s immigration policies, and he anticipates similar problems may arise elsewhere.

Governor Greg Abbott’s office has acknowledged the concerns raised regarding Colony Ridge and has taken certain actions, such as deploying Department of Public Safety troopers to the area and directing investigations into potential environmental issues. However, Abbott’s office has not indicated any plans for further action regarding the development.

Despite the lack of clarity on the state’s response, the issue remains a pressing concern for many, including Rep. Brian Babin, who represents a district adjacent to Colony Ridge. Babin emphasized the need to address this problem promptly to safeguard American sovereignty and the safety of citizens.

Footage and reports from Colony Ridge paint a troubling picture, with many homes in disrepair and foreign flags displayed. Patrick attributes the rapid growth of this community to the Biden administration’s border policies, calling for stronger immigration laws and federal reimbursement for expenses incurred by Texas in addressing the immigration crisis.

While Governor Abbott’s office has not committed to additional action at this time, it has pledged to provide resources and support to uphold the rule of law in Colony Ridge. The situation in Colony Ridge continues to underscore the challenges posed by immigration policies and their impact on communities along the Texas border.

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