These Are the Remaining House Races We Need to Win

I’ve been seeing a lot of thoughts over the past couple of days about the election and there are some things I would like to say about the sudden blame-throwing everywhere because people think the wave isn’t as high as it should be. But I want to focus on the fact that we still have races out there – what we have won and what we have yet to win.

It’s shameful being the United States of America that we have states with officials who can’t seem to get their act together to count the votes so we can know the result, at least by the next day, barring anything unusual. When you can’t do your job, it’s your problem that you engender doubt. People shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get a result, and you should not be counting mail-in ballots ad infinitum. That has to be number one on the hit parade of things to address if we are going to secure our ballots into the future. Read more…

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