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These Hospitals, Clinics Are Promoting Services to Gender-Nonconforming Kids

Pediatric gender clinics across the country are promoting services to children who reject sex-based stereotypes.

Pediatric gender clinics have popped up to meet the growing demand of children and adolescents who have adopted a transgender identity. At least 47 pediatric gender clinics, many at prominent children’s hospitals, have broadened the scope of their patient criteria to include not only transgender-identified children, but those they describe as “gender creative,” “gender diverse,” or “gender nonconforming.” Some of these programs see patients as young as two and three years old.

While most clinics will not offer medical interventions until a child has reached puberty, many will help facilitate a “social transition.” Evidence shows that such a “social transition” may dramatically increase the likelihood of a child persisting in the rejection of their bodies, increasing their likelihood of pursuing permanent surgical changes in their teenage years. Read more…

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