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This is Climate Realism in Action!

Killing the unscientific climate scare before it destroys our prosperity and robs us of our health, security, and freedom is one of the most important challenges facing conservatives in 2023. To do this will require employing all the methods used by the radical left to create climate panic in the first place.

Many of the strategies so successfully employed by “progressives,” including climate alarmists, are well laid out in Rules for Radicals, the 1971 book by community activist Saul Alinsky. All conservatives would do well to re-read Alinsky’s classic to better appreciate how the left so effectively highjacked most of our institutions.

An even more urgent reason to study the book is to learn how to successfully fight back and win. When Alinsky wrote the book, the left was mostly on the outside looking at a conservative-dominated establishment. Read more…

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