This Maricopa Election Official Donated to Far-Left Group

On Monday it was revealed that top Maricopa County election officer Stephen Richer, who helped to oversee elections in Arizona, donated to the far-left “resistance group” PatriotTakes.

PatriotTakes is a hybrid pack that describes itself on Twitter as a group of “dedicated researchers monitoring and exposing right-wing extremism and other threats to democracy.”

Data available on the Federal Elections Commission’s website shows that Richer donated $40.00 in July of this year.

Previously, Richer had launched a PAC in 2021 to stop MAGA candidates.

“Thanks to a few generous donors this is now launching. Join me if you care about traditional Republican ‘stuff’ (free people, free markets, rule of law), but also don’t believe in conspiracies about the 2020 election or that Jan 6 was a tourist event.” Read more…

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