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Top College Faces Millions in Debt for Anti-White Hoax

In 2016, three black Oberlin College students were caught trying to shoplift from Gibson’s Bakery. When the bakery owners sought justice, they were hit with boycotts and protestors calling them “racist.”

The bakery filed, and won, a defamation suit against Oberlin College in 2019, however the school has not yet paid up. As a result, they’ve accumulated over $4 in interest on top of the more than $30 million owed in the original settlement.

According to local outlet The Chronicle, Oberlin College was ordered to pay the interest in June, but has since appealed the case in the Ohio Supreme Court…

Gibson’s Bakery has suffered in the years since they were accused of being “racist.” Even after the students at the center of the controversy pleaded guilty, the business continued to face boycotts and protests. Read more…

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