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Trump Demands Early Start for Presidential Debate Showdown!

The Trump campaign is pushing for an earlier start to the 2024 presidential debates, challenging the proposed schedule set by the debate commission. In a letter obtained by The Epoch Times, Trump’s campaign co-managers emphasized the candidate’s readiness to engage in debates with President Joe Biden, expressing a desire for these debates to occur “much earlier” than currently planned.

Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita, in their letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, highlighted the evolving landscape of early voting, noting that millions of Americans had already cast their ballots by the time of the first debate in 2020. They argued that the proposed 2024 debate calendar, starting in mid-September, was too late given the increasing trend of early voting.

The Trump campaign pointed out that by the proposed first debate date, over a million Americans would likely have voted, rising to over 8.7 million by the third debate date. They stressed the importance of allowing more Americans to witness the candidates’ debates before casting their votes, advocating for a more comprehensive and timely debate schedule.

Citing historical precedent, the campaign referenced the seven debates held between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas in 1858, underscoring the value of robust debate and engagement with voters. They urged the debate commission to ensure fairness and impartiality in organizing the 2024 debates, emphasizing the need for a schedule that aligns better with the early voting timeline.

The Republican National Convention supported the Trump campaign’s call for debate reforms, criticizing the current scheduling as detrimental to voters’ ability to make informed decisions. They highlighted key issues like the economy, border security, and rising crime rates, suggesting that delaying debates until after early voting disenfranchises voters seeking clarity on these pressing matters.

In conclusion, the Trump campaign reiterated its commitment to engaging in debates and urged the debate commission to revise the 2024 debate schedule to facilitate a more extensive and timely exchange of ideas between the candidates. They emphasized that the time for debates is now, signaling a proactive approach to engaging voters and addressing critical national issues.

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