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Trump Jr. Swears to Thwart Haley’s Vice Presidential Nomination

Donald Trump Jr. recently voiced strong opposition to the possibility of Nikki Haley being selected as his father’s running mate in the 2024 presidential election. In a Newsmax interview, Trump Jr. adamantly stated that he would go to “great lengths” to prevent Haley from becoming the vice presidential candidate alongside his father, former President Donald Trump, if he secures the GOP nomination next year.

His stance came in response to video footage of Haley criticizing President Trump during an ABC News Live Prime interview earlier in the month, where she expressed reservations about Trump’s presidency, stating, “I don’t think he should be president,” citing concerns about chaos in the country.

Trump Jr. dismissed Haley’s candidacy, accusing her of being a “puppet” of the Washington establishment and suggested that she aligns with perpetual wars and is favored by the billionaire class for their control and influence.

He raised concerns that if Haley were chosen as vice president, she might attempt to undermine Donald Trump from within and predicted that her anointment could lead to a “disaster of epic proportions.”

The opposition to Haley’s potential candidacy doesn’t only come from Trump Jr.; it’s echoed by figures like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who suggested that the “MAGA movement would revolt” if Haley were given a role in Trump’s next administration. Greene characterized Haley as a representative of the “neocon establishment America last wing” that the MAGA movement has distanced itself from.

Despite Haley’s rise in certain polls, including one from American Research Group showing her closely trailing President Trump in New Hampshire, skepticism remains within the conservative camp. RealClearPolitics polling data places President Trump in the lead at 62.5 percent nationally, followed by DeSantis and Haley. Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy trails behind in fourth place.

The DeSantis campaign has humorously launched a website, “Trump-Nikki 2024,” highlighting comments from Haley that seemingly suggest her preference for the vice presidency over the presidency. The website cheekily adopts the slogan “Make the Establishment Great Again!” in reference to Trump and features statements that raise doubts about Haley’s ambitions, implying she might be settling for second place in the race.

Amid the speculations and controversies, Haley previously addressed rumors of running for the vice presidency, stating, “I don’t run for second,” according to Politico. The Epoch Times has reached out to Haley’s campaign for comment, seeking clarity on her intentions and position amid the swirling speculations.

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