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Trump PAC Reveals Shocking ‘Biden-Mart’ Grocery Store Price Hikes!

The Make America Great Again Inc. Trump super PAC recently launched a creative initiative to shed light on the impact of inflation under President Joe Biden’s administration. Their Biden grocery store website allows users to select grocery items and compares the total cost under Biden’s presidency with what it would have been under former President Trump. It’s a humorous yet sobering way to highlight the stark increase in prices that Americans have experienced under Biden’s economic policies.

Visiting, users are greeted with a message underscoring the challenges American families face in putting food on the table amidst rising costs. The website invites users to compile their weekly grocery list and witness firsthand how much prices have surged under Bidenomics. It’s a poignant reminder of the strain that inflation has placed on ordinary Americans’ budgets.

One user’s example illustrates the impact: a grocery list that would have cost $38.61 in 2020 now totals $55.48 under Biden—a staggering 45.69 percent increase. This significant jump in prices has tangible consequences for families across the country, particularly those already facing financial strain. The website bases its calculations on USDA data from January 2021 and January 2024, providing a factual basis for its comparisons.

The spokesman for Make America Great Again Inc., Alex Pfeiffer, emphasized the website’s goal of highlighting the failure of Bidenomics and the burden it places on hard-working Americans. Grocery prices have surged by 25 percent over the past four years, adding to the financial pressure felt by families nationwide. Inflation, along with issues like the border crisis, has become a focal point for voters as they evaluate Biden’s presidency and consider the direction of the country.

Former President Trump has been vocal about the economic challenges facing Americans under Biden’s leadership, characterizing the situation as dire for the middle class. He has highlighted inflation and the border crisis as key concerns, positioning them as central issues in the upcoming presidential election. The Biden grocery store website serves as a tangible representation of these concerns, offering voters a practical way to assess the impact of Biden’s policies on their daily lives.

As Americans grapple with rising prices across various sectors, including energy and gas, Biden’s proposed $7.3 trillion budget has raised further alarms. Critics warn that the budget’s emphasis on social justice efforts and green energy initiatives could exacerbate inflation. While the budget faces hurdles in Congress, its proposal underscores Biden’s priorities and his administration’s approach to economic policy—a concern for many voters as they navigate the challenges of everyday life under Biden’s presidency.

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