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Two More Countries Unite to Denounce Ukraine War Frenzy

Government leaders of Brazil and Hungary are uniting to call for peace as the Russia/Ukraine conflict wages on with Western powers pumping money and arms into the region to keep the death and destruction going on as long as possible.

Hungarian President Katalin Novák and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro met in Brasilia on Monday as “ambassadors for peace” in a world gone mad due to endless globalist war propaganda.

“Brazil is a peace-loving country, where there has been no war in the last hundred years, and everyone wants it to remain that way in the future,” Novák said. “We would like Hungary not to be affected by war either.”

“100,000 Hungarians live among us, and we are a country where we all live in peace. There is currently a conflict in Hungary’s neighborhood – I am thinking of the Russian-Ukrainian war. I had a big conversation with President Putin before the war. The truth often hurts, but there is no other way but peaceful coexistence,” Bolsonaro said. Read more…

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