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Unbelievable: Biden Hands $6 Billion to State Sponsor of Terrorism Iran

A report by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has exposed the Iranian regime’s long-standing policy of taking Western hostages in exchange for significant concessions, potentially amounting to up to $15.7 billion over several decades. This revelation coincided with the Biden administration’s announcement of releasing $6 billion in sanctions relief to Iran as part of a prisoner swap agreement.

The MEMRI report cited an Iranian security official who lauded the success of hostage exchanges, claiming that Iran had secured billions of dollars in blocked resources without committing to anything substantial in return. While the U.S. State Department previously defended the $6 billion payment, MEMRI’s findings have raised concerns about the amount of money paid to Iran since 1981.

Critics argue that such payments set dangerous precedents, with both Democratic and Republican administrations facing criticism for allegedly making ransom payments to Iran in exchange for the release of hostages. The Trump administration, on the other hand, secured prisoner releases through swaps rather than paying ransoms, which some view as a more acceptable approach.

MEMRI’s report reveals that Iran has employed this hostage-taking strategy since the 1979 revolution, including the well-known case of American diplomats held for 444 days in exchange for $8 billion and a commitment not to interfere with Iran’s internal affairs.

Iran’s approach has expanded to include citizens from various Western countries, raising concerns about the continued effectiveness of this strategy. Iranian officials have even recommended taking Americans or Britons hostage for financial or political gains.

In recent years, Iran has reportedly received billions in unlocked sanctions relief through various means, reinforcing the belief that its hostage strategy yields favorable results. The report highlights that Tehran remains emboldened in pursuing this policy, as seen in statements by Iranian officials, including the threat to capture 1,000 Americans in the event of a U.S. attack.

In conclusion, MEMRI’s report sheds light on Iran’s longstanding strategy of taking Western hostages for financial and political gains, emphasizing the challenges and ethical concerns associated with negotiations and payments made in exchange for their release.

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