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Watch: California Mayor Goes Nuts, Challenges Citizen to Fight

As a rule, I don’t get involved in the antics of small-bore Democrat politicians, but sometimes they are so hilarious that you can’t let them pass by.

The star of this story is Democrat Mayor Lamar Thorpe.

In 2020, he was elected mayor with 45% of the vote. He ran on a platform of ” neighborhood safety, police reform, homelessness and blight.” as a self-described “Soldier in the Political Revolution.”

To say his tenure has been turbulent on a personal level is an understatement.

In March 2022, Thorpe was arrested for DUI. However, because he is in a one-party state and a member of the correct party, his colleagues praised his statement “taking accountability” for endangering other citizens instead of being asked to resign.

In October, more evidence surfaced indicating that Thorpe considered the women working around him to be party favors. Read more…

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