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Watch: Peter Doocy Grills White House on Classified Docs…

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was grilled on the question of the classified documents found at Joe Biden’s Penn Biden office. I don’t think they’d even heard yet that even more documents had been found.

But it did not go over well for Jean-Pierre, particularly the grilling on why the American people hadn’t been told when the first set of documents was found back on November 2, shortly before the election.

Translation: were the Democrats once again covering something up from the American people to affect an election?

Jean-Pierre refused to even say when Biden had been told/briefed on the find.

She also refused to say why they didn’t tell us in November, almost getting into a confrontation with CBS’ Ed O’Keefe and saying they didn’t need to “have this kind of confrontation.” Read more…

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