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What if Trump Throws a Curveball? Brace Yourself

The barrage of BREAKING news alerts has become a familiar soundtrack to our political landscape, each time revealing the latest twist in what seems like an unending saga of legal battles involving former President Trump. We’ve grown accustomed to these alerts, almost anticipating yet another indictment or a plea of ‘not guilty.’ This relentless partisanship has tainted our once-respected American justice system, leaving us stranded in unfamiliar territory with no clear way forward.

For many, the pivotal moment that marked the transformation of the justice system was the raid on a former president’s private residence. The unprecedented nature of this action shattered the remaining semblance of DOJ’s impartiality. The nation found itself teetering on the edge, hurtling down a dangerous slope towards chaos.

It’s time for President Trump, both a former leader and potentially a future one, to grab hold of the branch jutting out halfway down this slippery slope and refuse to slide any further. Take a stand and defy the orchestrated performance that the left is demanding. He’s not obligated to conform to their script – it’s time to acknowledge that the circumstances are not fair and stop pretending they are.

In Fulton County, Georgia, where concerns of ballot harvesting were prominent, a Soros-backed District Attorney is working diligently on what many view as a politically motivated indictment against Trump. The sheriff of the same county has even vowed to secure a mug shot of the former president. This scenario is like watching the mockery of Aslan before his sacrifice in Narnia.

But it’s crucial to remember that Trump isn’t a messianic figure like Jesus. There’s no reason he should continue dancing to the left’s repugnant tune. As we descend further down this precipice, each step becomes more degrading. Trump could break the cycle by simply refusing to participate. He could defy the arraignment, reject the humiliating mug shot, and instead challenge their game.

Picture the leftists’ faces contorted in frustration when they realize Trump isn’t playing their game. By choosing not to cooperate, he would force their hand. Should they send armed forces to arrest him, it would only underscore the sad reality that America has transformed into another authoritarian state. With little to lose at this point, Trump could opt to run his campaign from such an unconventional setting.

Influence remains Trump’s currency. He revitalized a declining nation during his tenure. Now, he can do so again. He shouldn’t be their victim, their scapegoat. It’s time for him to declare that he won’t comply with their orchestrated humiliation any longer. If they persist in abusing their power, he shouldn’t help them by participating. Going to Georgia is not a necessity, and saying “no” might just be the most powerful move he can make.

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