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White House Schemes: Selling Wars as Economic Booms for America

Upon reading the report from Politico that the Biden administration is promoting the war in Ukraine under the premise that it is beneficial for American business, several questions arise. First and foremost, it is essential to inquire whether any member of the White House staff has ever held a dying American soldier in their arms, experiencing the profound sorrow of witnessing a fellow countryman’s final moments and hearing their desperate calls for their mother. Have any of them loaded the blood-soaked bodies of wounded and fallen comrades onto medivac helicopters, plagued by sleepless nights as they contemplate the devastating news their families are about to receive, along with the shattering of their lives and dreams?

It seems unlikely that the members of the administration have personally endured such traumatic experiences, as their actions and motives appear detached from the profound human toll of war. If they had, even a shred of humanity would prevent them from advocating war on the “it’s good for business” rationale.

As revealed by Politico, multiple White House aides have been involved in promoting the idea that war in Ukraine can lead to economic prosperity in the United States. This approach is deeply troubling, as it underscores a fundamental disconnect from the human suffering and moral consequences of war. By encouraging lawmakers to frame the war as an economic opportunity for American businesses, the administration raises concerns about its ability to garner support for its foreign aid package through conventional national security justifications.

The moral reprehensibility of these comments cannot be overstated. The administration’s apparent willingness to use war as a means to achieve economic gain, particularly in swing states, challenges the principles that underpin ethical foreign policy and responsible leadership. This approach starkly contrasts with the previous left’s criticism of GOP figures who were accused of waging wars to benefit big businesses. It has, regrettably, altered perceptions, leaving many questioning the integrity and values of the current administration. The depth of contempt and revulsion for these tactics knows no bounds.

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