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Why Is Nancy Pelosi Hardcore Endorsing Biden for 2024?

Usually, when party leadership is getting ready to toss one of their own under the bus, they are much more measured in their praise. No one would expect Pelosi to denounce Biden on national television, of course, but she would couch her praise in much less explicit terms than she did here.

If anyone is in a position to know what the Democratic leadership’s plans are, it’s the reigning slay queen herself, perhaps second only to Obama.

Assuming Pelosi wasn’t just on the sauce (possibly in combination with Xanax) when she made those comments, what this looks like is that Team Democrat may actually be coalescing around sending old warhorse Biden into battle for one last go-round while Kamala is on the outs. If they had their druthers, of course, they would gladly toss the elderly mayonnaise-face to the side in favor of a younger, fresher, female Person of Color. Read more…

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