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Young Americans Embrace Pro-Life: Stunning Poll Reveals Truth!

Created Equal, a pro-life organization, is empowering young people to advocate for the unborn, challenging the narrative that all young individuals are pro-abortion. With the 2024 election looming and President Joe Biden’s strong pro-abortion stance, the issue of abortion is gaining prominence. Created Equal recently conducted an information session at the First Baptist Church of Gahanna, where troop members of American Heritage Girls’ Troop 1031 were trained on advocating against abortion in their community.

Using abortion victim imagery, Created Equal aims to shed light on the reality of abortion and its impact on unborn children. The organization emphasizes the ethical stance that intentionally killing innocent human beings, as elective abortion does, is fundamentally wrong. They employ the SLED argument, addressing abortion in terms of Size, Level of development, Environment, and Degree of Dependency, to present a compelling pro-life message.

The training session included roleplaying scenarios to equip participants with effective responses to pro-abortion arguments, particularly those denying the humanity of the unborn or framing abortion solely as a women’s rights issue. Livvy Brohard, a Creative Media Assistant at Created Equal, emphasized the importance of voting pro-life to align laws with moral values, countering the narrative that portrays abortion as a fundamental human right.

Brohard highlighted the unfortunate manipulation of young people into believing that abortion is healthcare and a human right, a notion she disputes as false. Created Equal’s mission is to change hearts and minds by challenging these misconceptions, especially on college campuses where discussions about abortion are prevalent among voting demographics.

Ohio, where Created Equal is based, recently passed an extreme abortion initiative (Issue One) allowing abortion up until birth and infringing on parental rights. The organization is actively engaging in outreach activities outside abortion facilities and on college campuses to educate and advocate for a pro-life stance.

In addition to training sessions, Created Equal engages in community service initiatives like making baby blankets for maternity homes, showcasing a holistic approach to supporting life. Their recent Day of Action events in Ohio further demonstrate their commitment to fostering dialogue and awareness about the abortion issue.

For those seeking resources to engage in discussions about abortion, LetsTalkAbortion.com, a platform provided by Created Equal, offers valuable insights without using abortion victim imagery, providing a space for constructive dialogue on a contentious but crucial topic.

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