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Youngkin’s Shocking Move: Pardoning Dad Who Fought School Board

In 2021, a disturbing incident occurred in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a ninth-grade girl was raped in a high school girls’ restroom. Shockingly, the school board attempted to cover up the assault because it was perpetrated by a “gender-fluid” boy wearing a skirt. They chose not to report the 15-year-old girl’s assault to the police, instead opting to handle the case internally. When the girl’s father, Scott Smith, rightfully expressed his fury over the situation during a school board meeting, the school officials called the police on him for “making a scene.”

This incident underscores the troubling influence of the transgender movement, which has upended traditional values and priorities. In this case, individuals who claim to advocate for victims ended up protecting a rapist simply because he identified as “gender-fluid.” It is a stark example of how misplaced priorities and political correctness have distorted our society’s sense of justice.

Fortunately, on Sunday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin took a significant step by granting Scott Smith an absolute pardon. Smith had been wrongfully prosecuted and convicted for defending his daughter. Governor Youngkin emphasized the importance of parental rights and empowerment, which was a central theme of his gubernatorial campaign. He stressed that parents have a fundamental right to be involved in their child’s education and upbringing, and this right should never be undermined by bureaucratic or state interference.

Governor Youngkin’s victory in the gubernatorial election highlights the growing recognition that parental rights are of utmost importance. Despite starting as an underdog in the campaign, Youngkin’s message resonated across party lines. His opponent, Terry McAuliffe, made a critical error in underestimating the significance of parental rights in education. While some within the Democratic Party may be comfortable with pushing transgender ideology and critical race theory onto children, the majority of people are not. When it comes to safeguarding our children, parental instincts and concerns surpass political affiliations.

However, it is essential to recognize that while Smith’s pardon is a victory for parental rights, it is just one small step in a broader battle. The fact that he was arrested in the first place reveals the challenging circumstances in liberal strongholds and within the public education system. Parental rights are under siege, as are the rights, dignity, and privacy of women and young girls. Reporting on such stories often comes with significant risks due to the efforts of Big Tech gatekeepers to censor and suppress the truth.

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