All Signs Are Pointing to Mike Pence Joining the 2024 Race

A newly formed super PAC called “Committed to America” has set its sights on aiding Mike Pence in his pursuit of the presidency. The executive director of the PAC, Bobby Saparow, is a former strategist for Brian Kemp, and he plans to employ Kemp’s successful playbook on a national scale. With the ability to collect unlimited donations, this PAC aims to establish a strong foundation for Pence’s potential presidential campaign, including building infrastructure in key primary states and running television ads. Pence’s recent activities, such as writing a book, conducting a national tour, and securing Saparow for the super PAC, indicate that he is moving closer to a campaign launch, likely in June.

Despite Pence’s current single-digit polling numbers on the national stage, his supporters remain optimistic. They believe his extensive experience, conservative credentials, and popularity among evangelical voters will give him a competitive edge. Pence has been actively visiting early-voting states and engaging with influential figures in conservative circles, including delivering a heartfelt speech at a prominent church in Atlanta. The “Committed to America” PAC, co-chaired by Scott Reed and Jeb Hensarling, both seasoned Republican strategists, is confident that voters will rally behind Pence once reminded of his career accomplishments, character, and conservative values.

However, Pence faces significant challenges in the crowded GOP field. As an Establishment-type Republican, he may struggle to resonate with the increasingly populist base that emerged during the Trump era. Many voters are seeking fresh faces and new leadership, which could put Pence at a disadvantage as he is associated with the past. Despite his loyal supporters, Pence will need to overcome this perception to gain traction in the primary race, especially with other contenders like Trump, Nikki Haley, and Tim Scott vying for the nomination.

The “Committed to America” PAC plans to focus its initial efforts on Iowa, a critical state in the early stages of the primary season. They aim to mobilize caucus-voters, particularly Evangelical Christians, who share Pence’s Midwestern background. However, skeptics argue that Pence’s solid conservatism and past accomplishments may not be enough to capture voters’ attention in a party yearning for new faces and forward-looking candidates. While Pence’s super PAC remains hopeful, the road to securing the nomination appears challenging, given the changing dynamics within the Republican Party.

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