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Shocking! Biden’s Hilarious Reaction to Border Crisis

Shortly after Joe Biden assumed office, photos and videos of his stumble while climbing the steps to Air Force One circulated, accompanied by comments and jokes. I remember an acquaintance of mine, who runs a Christian radio station, expressing her dismay on Facebook, urging people to refrain from mocking an elderly man and reminding them that “we’re better than that.” I couldn’t help but think, “How do you feel about Joe now?”

I understand her intention was to encourage Christians to take the high road, although she came across as a typical Karen. What she failed to grasp is that Joe Biden has been an opportunistic, self-centered, ambitious narcissist for most of his career. He never cared about the misery he caused or the laws he broke to achieve his personal goals. The difference now is that his dangerous narcissism is on full display for the entire world to see. He compromised himself and the country by accepting the opportunity to do as he’s told in exchange for occupying the White Houseā€”a privilege he believed he deserved anyway.

When questioned by the White House PR Department, aka CNN, about the allegedly less-than-expected surge at the border under Title 42, Biden found the situation amusing. CNN conveniently “found” him biking during his vacation, right around the time Title 42 expired. Of course, there’s nothing suspicious about the timing, right? Biden seemed to derive great amusement from the fact that the border crisis wasn’t as severe as it could have been. Oh, what a comedic genius! Things may be bad, but not that bad! (Insert laugh track here.)

Regardless of what anyone may claim, that laugh is downright creepy. Naturally, Biden has no plans to visit the border. His handlers likely believe that the less he knows about real-life issues, the better. They wouldn’t want him unintentionally exposing the Democrats’ true intentions.

Meanwhile, the processing centers near the border are overflowing, with some illegal immigrants being assigned court dates a decade away. None of them have been properly screened for infectious diseases, criminal records, or ties to terrorism, and their ultimate destinations remain unknown. The cartels and traffickers are already plotting their next moves, while Biden’s gallows optimism and humor fail to address the grave realities at hand.

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