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Another Green Fantasy Just Met Reality… the Hard Way

Fires caused by rooftop solar panels have led Amazon fulfillment centers to temporarily shut down those solar systems that were to blame for the blazes.

Between April 2020 and June 2021, Amazon experienced “critical fire or arc flash events” at six sites in North America with solar installations, according to internal documents obtained by CNBC. That number represents approximately 12.7 percent of all applicable facilities. An Amazon employee wrote in an internal report obtained by the outlet that “the rate of dangerous incidents is unacceptable, and above industry averages.”

An Amazon spokesperson told the outlet, “Out of an abundance of caution, following a small number of isolated incidents with onsite solar systems owned and operated by third parties, Amazon proactively powered off our onsite solar installations in North America, and took immediate steps to re-inspect each installation by a leading solar technical expert firm.”

…According to CNBC, the details of the fires were not in Amazon’s 100-page sustainability report for 2021, which was published at the beginning of August. Read more…

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