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Biden Hits Record Low! Trump’s Comeback Imminent!

President Joe Biden is facing a severe decline in approval among voters, reaching an alarming low point just nine months before the 2024 election, making his chances of re-election appear increasingly challenging. The latest CNN poll indicates that Biden holds the lowest January approval rating in an election year among the last 13 presidents, with only 38 percent approval among registered voters. This places him five points below former President Trump’s rating in January 2020 and nine points below former President Obama at a similar stage in his term.

Notably, younger Democrats express considerably lower favorability towards Biden’s handling of the economy compared to older Democrats. Visual Capitalist’s analysis underscores that almost every modern U.S. president with an approval rating below 40 percent was not re-elected. Biden’s approval has seen a significant decline from its peak of 63 percent in 2021.

Biden’s re-election prospects are further jeopardized by pressing concerns among Americans, including escalating costs, questions about his mental and physical fitness, the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, and the persistent border crisis. The struggle to secure majority support is evident, with over 55.6 percent of Americans disapproving of his job performance. Even longstanding Democrats voice worries about a potential second Trump presidency, citing concerns over inflation and Biden’s age.

Crucial voting blocs, such as Black voters who played a pivotal role in Biden’s 2020 victory, are expressing increasing frustration with his performance. Moreover, Biden faces challenges in winning over voters sympathetic to Palestine due to his pro-Israel stance, leading a significant number of Palestinians to withhold support unless he aligns with their position. With these challenges, the potential for former President Trump to make a comeback in the next election seems more plausible.

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