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SHOCKING: Dems Protect DUI Offenders from Deportation! Unbelievable Vote!

On Thursday, the Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act faced opposition from more than two-thirds of House Democrats, although it secured bipartisan support with 59 Democrats joining all 215 voting Republicans in its approval. Introduced by Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL), the bill aims to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to declare non-citizens convicted of DUIs “inadmissible and deportable.” While Rep. Moore praised the 59 Democrats who supported the measure, he criticized President Joe Biden for allowing unvetted individuals to enter the country.

Rep. Don Davis (D-NC), who voted in favor of the bill, emphasized the need to prioritize public safety, stating that the legislation creates authority to deport individuals unlawfully present in the country involved in DUI incidents. However, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) opposed the bill, arguing that it could lead to the deportation of law-abiding immigrant neighbors with one misdemeanor DUI conviction, creating an unjust system.

In the same week, the GOP-led House passed other bipartisan bills related to border security, which now head to the Democrat-controlled Senate. These bills address penalties for high-speed vehicle chases near the border, deny refuge to non-citizens aiding Hamas in an attack on Israel, and remove or bar non-citizens committing Social Security and ID fraud. As the House gears up for a potential impeachment resolution against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and awaits a border deal from the Senate, these legislative actions highlight ongoing debates on immigration and security policies.

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