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Biden’s Jaw-Dropping Request: $100 Billion for Ukraine, Israel Aid

The Biden administration is planning to ask Congress for a significant aid package of approximately $100 billion. This aid would encompass several aspects, including defense assistance for Israel and Ukraine, border security funding, and aid to nations in the Indo-Pacific region, such as Taiwan. President Biden has pledged support for Israel following a recent attack by Hamas, a group classified as a terrorist organization by both the U.S. and the EU. Aid for Israel typically enjoys broad bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress.

There has been speculation that the administration might try to link funding for Ukraine and Israel, especially after House Republicans successfully removed funding for Ukraine from a short-term government funding bill, which was a $24 billion request. The new proposal aims to provide $100 billion to fund both contingencies and also address Taiwan.

Some conservatives, such as Donald Trump Jr., have expressed opposition to this funding proposal. They are concerned about the inclusion of border security funding, as they believe it could potentially contribute to the flow of illegal immigration into the country without addressing the underlying policy issues.

The details of the aid package are still being finalized, and it is intended to cover an entire fiscal year, as confirmed by Punchbowl News reporter Andrew Desiderio. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer anticipates that the administration will submit the request to Congress soon, emphasizing the urgent needs in both Israel and Ukraine.

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