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Biden’s Team Opens Border Loophole for ‘Stateless’ Migrants Surge

President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is making a significant change in immigration policy by opening a new pathway for foreigners who claim to be “stateless.” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced this decision, stating that approximately 218,000 people residing in the United States could be at risk of statelessness. However, the actual number of stateless individuals worldwide could be much higher, potentially exceeding 10 million according to some estimates.

This move has raised concerns among conservatives, who argue that such actions often have unintended consequences. Andrew Arthur, formerly involved in immigration justice and now with the Center for Immigration Studies, suggests that the ambiguity surrounding how the government defines statelessness could lead to problematic situations. Critics point out that President Biden has already allowed a massive inflow of migrants into the country, including legal, illegal, quasi-legal, and temporary visa workers, raising questions about the impact on American society, wages, and resources.

The concerns extend to the motivations behind this policy shift. Mayorkas, who is known for his pro-migration stance, promotes equity as a core principle, implying that foreign citizens deserve the same rights to live in the United States as Americans. Some conservatives argue that prioritizing equity over immigration laws and border security compromises the rule of law and national sovereignty.

Furthermore, the concern is that the welcoming approach to stateless migrants could be exploited by both foreign governments and migrants seeking to enter the United States for various reasons, including economic opportunities and avoiding legal repercussions in their home countries. The potential for abuse, including dictatorships sending unwanted citizens to the U.S. or creating “stateless” statuses, raises serious questions about the national security implications of this policy.

While some acknowledge the challenges faced by stateless individuals, conservatives urge caution in how such a policy shift is implemented. They argue that enforcing existing immigration laws and focusing on border security are essential for maintaining the integrity of the nation’s immigration system.

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