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Bombshell Revelation: Dershowitz Confirms Evidence for Biden Impeachment

Renowned Harvard Law professor emeritus and civil libertarian, Alan Dershowitz, recently asserted that there is indeed enough evidence for House Republicans to initiate an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden for bribery. Speaking on Breitbart News Sunday, Dershowitz discussed the timing of the indictment of former President Donald Trump and the revelations regarding Biden’s alleged involvement in a $5 million bribery scheme connected to Ukrainian business interests.

When asked if House Republicans could investigate Biden for bribery based on the evidence at hand, Dershowitz responded affirmatively, highlighting that there is a significant difference between having enough evidence to investigate and having enough to establish probable cause for indictment. He stressed that the FBI statement, if deemed credible, provides sufficient grounds for an investigation.

Dershowitz also pointed out the previous actions of the Democrat-controlled House, which extensively investigated Donald Trump. He emphasized that there should be mutual disarmament in the political arena, but unilateral disarmament is not feasible. If one side weaponizes the impeachment and criminal justice systems, it is only expected that the other side will respond in kind.

Regarding the indictment of Trump, Dershowitz noted that while serious, it falls short of the standards set by the Richard Nixon case or the Department of Justice’s decision not to investigate Hillary Clinton despite evidence of her mishandling classified information. He highlighted that the charges against Trump are matters of degree and lack evidence of damage to national security compared to the actions of Biden, Vice President Mike Pence, and Clinton.

Dershowitz’s insights carry weight given his representation of Trump in his second impeachment trial, even though he ultimately voted against the former president on both occasions. In his recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, Dershowitz outlined the differences between Trump’s case and Nixon’s, underscoring that the charges against Trump are less severe and lack the evidence of obstruction seen in Nixon’s case.

As an advocate for civil liberties and the rule of law, Dershowitz raises valid points about the need for a fair and balanced approach to investigations and impeachments, ensuring that the same standards are applied regardless of political affiliation.

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