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Trump’s Unstoppable Surge: Majority Support Soars Above 60%

According to a recent poll, former President Donald Trump has expanded his lead in the GOP primary following the Department of Justice’s indictment against him for alleged mishandling of classified documents. The CBS News poll, conducted between June 9-10 with a margin of error of ±3.3 points, surveyed 1,798 potential voters and revealed that Trump enjoys 61 percent support in the Republican primary. This puts him 38 points ahead of his closest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who garnered 23 percent. Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina came in third place with just 4 percent, followed closely by former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Interestingly, the poll also highlighted that a majority of respondents expressed concerns that Trump’s indictment was politically motivated rather than based on legal grounds. Republican primary voters showed greater apprehension about the alleged political targeting of the former president than considering his conduct a significant national security risk. They overwhelmingly believe that even if he is convicted, the charges would not disqualify him from serving as president again.

In addition to the poll results, Trump’s popularity was evident in the straw poll at the Western Conservative Summit, where he emerged as the winner. The summit took place approximately 24 hours after the full details of the indictment were made public. Despite the charges of mishandling highly classified material containing nuclear secrets at his private residence, Trump secured 40.3 percent of the support, surpassing DeSantis, who received 35.8 percent.

These poll numbers and the outcome of the straw poll indicate that Trump’s position as the frontrunner for the 2024 nomination remains strong. Despite the indictment, Republican primary voters have not been swayed in their support for Trump. They overwhelmingly believe that the charges are politically motivated and do not view the alleged conduct as a significant national security risk. Trump’s enduring popularity among conservative voters suggests that he continues to enjoy a solid base of support within the Republican Party as he considers his future political endeavors.

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