Cruz’s Startling Prediction: Michelle Obama as the Dem Nominee?

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ben Ferguson, in their podcast “The Verdict,” delved into a thought-provoking scenario where President Joe Biden might not be the Democratic nominee in 2024. Cruz speculated that if such a situation were to unfold, Democrats could nominate former First Lady Michelle Obama during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

The podcast, titled “Bailing on Biden,” explored reasons for this scenario, not just because of Biden’s age but also due to concerns about corruption. Cruz noted that even the mainstream media, which he criticized for no longer adhering to journalistic standards, has started to criticize the president. When the media turns on the presumed Democrat nominee, Cruz suggested that it signifies a growing concern within the Democratic intelligentsia, possibly leading to Biden stepping aside.

Cruz also highlighted the demographic challenge facing the Democrats if Biden were to be reelected. Biden’s age raises concerns about his ability to complete a second term, and the prospect of Vice President Kamala Harris ascending to the presidency could be daunting for many voters and Democrats themselves.

Despite concerns about Harris’s popularity, Cruz argued that the chances of the Democratic Party replacing her are slim, given the importance of minority voters, particularly African American women, in the Democratic coalition.

Cruz outlined two potential scenarios for Biden’s replacement. The first involves internal pressure within the Democratic Party, which could lead Biden to voluntarily step aside. The second scenario, which Cruz deemed more likely and dangerous, involves exploiting concerns about Biden’s mental capabilities and health at the Democratic National Convention to replace him.

Cruz suggested that if the Democratic Party decided to replace Biden, Michelle Obama might be the ideal candidate. He acknowledged that Michelle Obama might not be eager to run for president but argued that former President Barack Obama could be running the show behind the scenes. Cruz also emphasized that Michelle Obama, despite her popularity, is further left than both Barack Obama and Joe Biden and could be a disastrous president.

Cruz believed that Michelle Obama’s high positives and relatively low negatives, coupled with her ability to distance herself from Biden’s perceived failures, could make her a formidable candidate. He estimated a 25-30 percent likelihood that Biden might not be the Democratic nominee in 2024.

In conclusion, Cruz and Ferguson’s podcast explored a hypothetical scenario where Michelle Obama could become the Democratic nominee, highlighting the internal dynamics and challenges within the Democratic Party.

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