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Soros Drops $14.8M on Leftist Vendetta Against ‘Disinformation’!

George Soros, a prominent left-wing donor, has been funneling significant amounts of money, totaling $14,853,765 between 2017-2021, to various organizations with the explicit purpose of combating “disinformation.” These funds were allocated to at least 50 groups, many of which are known for their left-leaning and progressive agendas. This financial support aims to combat what Soros and his allies perceive as false or misleading information across various platforms, including Big Tech.

Soros-backed organizations, like the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the Aspen Institute Germany, have received grants for projects aimed at detecting and exposing online activities they deem harmful to the information environment. While these projects claim to fight against “disinformation,” they often target content that does not align with leftist narratives.

The largest recipient of “disinformation” funding was the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which received $3,500,000 in 2020 alone. This dark money organization was also involved in a massive effort to defeat then-President Donald Trump and secure a Senate majority for Democrats during the 2020 election.

The concept of “disinformation” according to Soros and his associates often encompasses any information that contradicts their political agenda. Grants have been awarded to projects promoting narrative change, combating alleged “mis/disinformation,” and emphasizing issues like race, class, gender, and climate. Soros seems determined to shape the information landscape to align with his worldview.

Part of Soros’ campaign also involves supporting groups advocating for defunding the police, such as Color of Change. Soros contributed $450,000 to this radical organization, which engaged in a 2020 effort to defund police foundations.

Soros’ influence extends to pressuring Big Tech companies to increase censorship efforts, particularly leading up to the 2022 midterms. MRC Business uncovered $80 million in Soros funding aimed at pushing tech giants like Twitter, Meta, TikTok, and YouTube to intensify their censorship operations.

In essence, Soros appears to be actively working to realize George Orwell’s vision of a Ministry of Truth from “1984,” where a centralized authority controls and manipulates information to serve its own agenda. This raises concerns about the stifling of free speech and the suppression of diverse viewpoints, especially those that oppose the progressive narrative.

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