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Dem Voters in PA Aren’t Enthused About Biden Running Again

President Joe Biden announced his run for re-election last Tuesday in about as ho-hum a fashion as possible. It appears that announcement was not only reflective of the candidate himself but also of many who voted for him in 2020. On Sunday, ABC News’ “This Week” aired a segment with Martha Raddatz traveling to Pennsylvania to get reaction from voters regarding his announcement and what she found wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of Biden or his presidency.

“Democrats are divided on whether or not Pres. Biden should be running again,” begins the tweet featuring the nearly-five-minute video. “@MarthaRaddatz travels to the battleground state of Pennsylvania to speak with voters about Biden’s reelection announcement and the lack of enthusiasm for his job performance.”

So right out of the gate, ABC is acknowledging the lack of enthusiasm for Biden. After setting the scene, noting that Pennsylvania played a key role in Biden’s 2020 election, Raddatz begins by speaking with Soneyat Muhammad, a middle-aged professional who spoke frankly of her reservations regarding Biden. Read more…

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