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DeSantis Demands Omar’s Expulsion, Denaturalization, and Immediate Deportation

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has called for the expulsion of Minnesota Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar from Congress, advocating for her denaturalization as a U.S. citizen and deportation back to Somalia. This call follows Omar’s recent speech to Somalian leaders in Minnesota, where she asserted her primary commitment to protecting Somali interests, stating she is “Somalian first, Muslim second” and emphasizing her role in safeguarding Somalia’s interests within the U.S. system.

DeSantis, reacting strongly to Omar’s remarks, demanded her expulsion from Congress and further urged the denaturalization and deportation of the congresswoman. In the speech, Omar vowed to prevent any infringement on Somalia’s maritime territory, asserting that the United States would not support actions that would harm Somali interests. The governor’s response echoes sentiments shared by other Republican lawmakers, including Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and House Majority Whip Tom Emmer, who have criticized Omar for prioritizing Somalia over her constituents.

Emmer, expressing his displeasure on Twitter, called Omar’s comments “appalling” and a violation of her oath of office. He urged her resignation, stating that her remarks were disrespectful to the people she was elected to serve. Omar, in response to the controversy, defended her speech, claiming that the subtitles and translation were accurate and accusing critics of engaging in propaganda. She asserted her commitment to the unity of Somalis in Somalia and the diaspora, emphasizing her solidarity with their efforts.

As the debate intensifies, the controversy highlights the ongoing tensions between lawmakers over issues of allegiance, national identity, and the responsibilities of elected officials representing diverse communities with global connections.

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