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Trump’s Nobel Nomination: GOP Rep Hails ‘Historic’ Abraham Accords

On Tuesday, Representative Claudia Tenney made headlines by announcing her nomination of Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize. Her nomination emphasized Trump’s “groundbreaking efforts to foster peace and cooperation between Israel, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates” through the highly acclaimed Abraham Accords. Tenney drew parallels between Trump’s achievements and the historic peace agreements of 1978 between Israel and Egypt and the 1994 Oslo Accords, both acknowledged by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

In her statement, Tenney lauded Trump’s instrumental role in facilitating the first new Middle East peace agreements in almost three decades. She challenged the long-standing narrative pushed by bureaucrats, foreign policy experts, and international organizations that additional Middle East peace deals were unattainable without resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to Tenney, Trump debunked this notion, and his efforts remain unrecognized by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, necessitating his nomination.

Tenney underscored the significance of acknowledging Trump’s leadership, especially at a time when she perceives Joe Biden’s international leadership as weak and threatening the safety and security of the United States. The congresswoman expressed her honor in nominating the former president and her eagerness for him to receive the recognition she believes he deserves.

This nomination is not the first instance of Trump being put forth for the prestigious award due to his Middle East policies. In 2021, he received multiple nominations from around the world. Australian law professors and conservative members of the Swedish and Norwegian parliament, including Christian Tybring-Gjedde, previously nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, citing his accomplishments related to the Abraham Accords and his diplomatic efforts, such as the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

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