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DeSantis Shatters Records with Jaw-Dropping $8.2M in 24 Hours

Ron DeSantis’s campaign announcement faced technical difficulties on Twitter, but it didn’t deter his supporters. Despite being mocked by the media and the Trump campaign, DeSantis managed to raise an impressive $8.2 million within the first 24 hours of declaring his presidential candidacy. This fundraising feat surpassed Joe Biden’s record of $6.3 million in 2019 when he launched his campaign.

The success of DeSantis’s fundraising effort demonstrates the strong support and unity among grassroots Republicans across the nation, rallying behind his vision for the American comeback. Campaign manager Generra Peck emphasized the significance of this historic achievement and highlighted DeSantis’s well-organized and robust political operation, which will play a crucial role as they hit the ground running in the early nominating states.

Former Trump fundraiser turned DeSantis supporter, Dan Eberhart, suggested that many donors were eagerly awaiting DeSantis’s entry into the race and predicted a coalescing of conservative donors around the Florida governor. DeSantis himself was meeting with donors in Miami, where the Twitter glitch was perceived as a testament to the overwhelming enthusiasm and support for his candidacy. It is worth noting that Trump’s 2024 campaign managed to raise $9.5 million in its first six weeks.

In the face of initial challenges, DeSantis’s impressive fundraising numbers prove that his campaign launch was far from a failure. It solidifies his position as a formidable candidate for the Republican nomination and showcases the strength of his message resonating with conservatives across the country.

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