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Ex-Hunter Biden Ally to Spill Secrets in Closed Testimony!

Former business associate of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski, is scheduled to testify behind closed doors as part of the House impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Bobulinski’s appearance before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on February 13 is expected to last eight hours. His involvement with Hunter Biden in creating the joint-venture SinoHawk Holdings with Chinese energy company CEFC has been a focal point of scrutiny.

Bobulinski previously demanded that Biden stop lying about a 2017 meeting they had, insisting that Joe Biden met him face to face. As a former decorated Naval Officer, Bobulinski held the highest security clearance issued by the Department of Energy. Conservatives may view his testimony as crucial in shedding light on the Biden family’s business dealings and the potential influence on the president.

Text messages dating back to May 2017 reveal that Biden met with Bobulinski shortly after leaving the vice president’s office. The messages, reported by Fox News Digital in October 2020, indicate discussions related to a Chinese legal document and a meeting at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Conservatives may argue that these interactions raise questions about the transparency of Biden’s involvement with his son’s business affairs.

The text messages are dated just 11 days before a crucial email in May 2017 discussing “remuneration packages” for a business deal with a Chinese energy firm. Bobulinski has asserted that “the big guy” mentioned in the email refers to Joe Biden. IRS whistleblowers have also claimed that “the big guy” was known to be Joe Biden. Conservatives may highlight these details as evidence of potential financial entanglements involving the president and his family.

In response to questions about communication with his son’s business partners, Biden has dismissed such claims as lies. Bobulinski, in the past, suggested a public hearing where he, President Biden, Hunter Biden, and James Biden could appear together before Congress. James Biden is scheduled for deposition on February 21, and Hunter Biden on February 28, both behind closed doors. Conservatives may closely follow these developments, anticipating revelations that could impact the credibility of the Biden administration.

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