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Speaker Johnson’s Bold Pledge: Mayorkas Impeachment, No Matter What!

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) addressed reporters on Capitol Hill, characterizing the failed vote to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as a “setback.” Johnson acknowledged that it was challenging, attributing the difficulty to the House GOP’s “razor-thin margin” over the Democrats. Despite the setback, he emphasized that democracy can be messy and expressed confidence that House Republicans will try again and ultimately succeed.

Johnson referred to the unexpected presence of Rep. Al Green (D-TX), who cast his vote in a wheelchair after being rushed from the hospital, altering the vote dynamics. The speaker acknowledged the close call and noted that sometimes unexpected factors influence the outcome. Three GOP lawmakers broke ranks, joining Democrats to defeat the resolution, contending that the border security issues were policy differences, not impeachable offenses.

Due to the last-minute vote change by GOP Vice Chairman Blake Moore (R-UT), who flipped to a “no” vote, Republicans will have another opportunity to bring up the impeachment resolution in the future. Johnson highlighted the duty of lawmakers to hold Mayorkas and the Biden administration accountable, expressing a commitment to passing the articles of impeachment in the next vote.

Addressing the defeat of the Israel aid bill, Johnson criticized House Democrats for voting against it, suggesting that they did so for “political purposes.” He emphasized the urgent need for assistance to Israel and expressed uncertainty about the Senate’s handling of the $118 billion package, which includes border security reforms and funds for Ukraine and other foreign causes.

Responding to critics who attribute the House’s struggles to his leadership and the removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Johnson defended his position. He characterized the situation as a mess that the House is cleaning up, rejecting the idea that it reflects negatively on the leadership, but rather on the body as a whole.

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